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MCQ Physics

MCQ on ICSE Physics for Class 7 Ch 3

MCQ on ICSE Physics
This is a practice set– MCQ on ICSE Physics Class 7-Ch 3 Energy for students of ICSE board based on their Physics book of Selina publication. The questions have been prepared keeping in mind the entire chapter.
Though in real examination there are different kinds of question, here all forms of questions have been converted into MCQs for ease of taking a self test. This MCQ is timer based and should be submitted within 30 mins. The questions can be attempted multiple times to achieve full score or reduce timing for practice.

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ICSE Class 7 Physics- Ch 3 Energy

1. The part of energy that gets converted into non useful form during transformation of energy is called
2. Humans can hear the sound when the vibrations are in the range of ________ number of vibrations per second
3. A water bottle lying on the table has no energy.State True or False
4. The food we eat has
5. A dry cell changes X energy into Y Energy, Here X and Y are.
6. Work done = Force x ____________.
7. Atomic Energy is also called
8. 1 Calorie =_____ Joules.
9. The forms of mechanical energy are
10. A temporary magnet in which magnetic field is produced due to electric current
11. A moving pendulum has ______ energy.
12. Total Energy is not conservedState True or False
13. Steam possesses _______ energy.
14. The capacity to do work is.
15. Unit of energy, Joule is named after.
16. The Energy possessed by a body due to its motion is called
17. The energy possessed by flowing water is called
18. Who invented steam engine and when?
19. One Joule work is said to be done when a force of _______ moves the body by 1m in the direction of the force.
20. Energy possessed by fossil fuels is

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