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Micro Bachelor and Master’s degree short-term courses get popular

Micro Bachelor and Master’s degree short-term courses get popular Global Youth Voice gyv

The COVID – 19 has forced most of us to remain indoors. The gloomy period has popularized micro degree courses as the era of online and home learning seems to have dawned in this pandemic era. Various web portals including Edx and Course are now offering trending micro degree courses. In this free period, one can choose micro Bachelors and Master’s degree programs in various fields including computer science, professional writing, data science and digital marketing.

Micro Bachelor and Master’s degree short-term courses get popular Global Youth Voice gyv
Micro Bachelor and Master’s degree short-term courses get popular

Courses can be completed within months

Micro, full-time degree courses are available online and are compressed into four to six months’ capsules. For those of us who are not able to attend full-time colleges and those who have planned to study in foreign countries but need some extra credits can take up these courses.

If you want to know more about these hand-picked micro degree courses, here is a list:

1. Computer Science

If you have an interest in the popular computer science degree, you can now complete the bachelor’s in computer science course within six months. New York University ‘NYU‘ too is offering an undergraduate-level course called ‘NYU’s Computer Science Fundamental’. Edx offers the NYU course. it will teach networking, computer hardware and operating systems and basic computing and programming languages. Those who would look to enhance their skills in computer science can opt for this course. The duration of NYUx’s Computer Science Fundamental is six months and it includes four to six hours per week. The price of the course may vary as per the preference of the individual. Students who opt for this course of programming lab will be able to learn programming language and basis if Python programming. While learning is free but to get a degree a student will have to pay a fee of Rs 33,605.

Micro Bachelor and Master’s degree short-term courses get popular Global Youth Voice gyv
Micro Bachelor and Master’s degree short term courses are available online

2. Data Science

The National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal is offering a postgraduate level course called ‘Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’. Candidates can complete their Master’s degree after the completion of course, compressed into nine months. Students will have to give six to eight hours every week to complete the course. The postgraduate program in Artificial Intelligence is available at Edureka. It also offers career assistance in including mock interviews and resume building.

Apart from the online programme, students can also participate in 30 + assignments and 20 + projects. Scholarship facility is also available for students. The total fee for the course is Rs 2,22,450. In the course, the students will be able to learn the basics of linear algebra and how to compute. Students will also learn the math of data science, time signals and systems. It will also include theoretical knowledge and its use to solve real problems. The course also includes data models, systems for processing signals, imagery and big data sets.

3. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a year-long course. The course is on various aspects of marketing including foundation, operations, proportion and essentials. Curtin University offers digital marketing micro degree courses and after the completion of micro degree courses students can apply for admission to the varsity. The micro Master’s programme certificate will be 25% of the coursework for graduation. Interested candidates can enrol themselves on Edx digital marketing course offered by Curtin University. However, to get the degree of Digital Marketing candidates have to pay a fee of Rs 53,432.


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