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Among Us: A New Game Obsession

Among Us, Global Youth Voice, gyv

InnerSloth have come up with an online multiplayer social deduction game, “Among Us”, which is gaining huge popularity in the game world. The game is similar to Mafia or Werewolf. American game studio InnerSloth released it on june 15, 2018. It is an online game where players team up in four to ten, with people they know or even with strangers. Meanwhile the theme of the game looks like a “space” setting.

Among Us, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Among Us: An Online Multiplayer Game

The Game:

Players in the game have the options of taking up roles of Crewmates and Impostors. Crewmates basically identify Impostors, remove them and complete their tasks around the map. Whereas Impostors are responsible for destroying and killing the Crewmates before they finish their tasks. When all Impostors are eliminated, Crewmates’ task completes, likewise Impostors win if they are able to equalize their numbers to the crewmates. There is a lot of barriers and twists and turns that make this game exciting and adventurous.

Sudden Popularity of the Game:

The game was there in app stores since 2018 but started gaining sudden popularity this year. Reason behind this is Twitch streamers. On Twitch, Among Us has gained 3.3M followers and overall the game has been downloaded by more than 86 million people across the world. Twitter and Reddit have played another important role in spreading the word about the game. Above all, Pandemic made huge contribution in its record breaking popularity, giving people an exciting game to play during quarantine.

Among Us has become the Memer’s Favourite:

Popularity of this game is not only limited to its record breaking downloads. Seems, the Memers are happier than the gamers. Creative Memes on the game are doing rounds around the social media. From the famous “Cosplay meme”, the one with the colour stereotypes, to “Ft Kanye West” , to the video with coolest kill animations, the list is long. The video theme was actually a recreation video of some of the iconic scenes from famous movies on Among Us theme. Some fans have even made small movies with plots held in the game’s setting. These memes can be the best getaways in terms of fun and relaxation.


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