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New Zealand to decrease intake of international students

New Zealand to decrease intake of international students Global Youth Voice gyv

As the race for a vaccine for coronavirus continues, cases for COVID-19 are increasing worldwide. The number of cases worldwide stands at huge 17.4 million as on 31st July. Citing the rising coronavirus cases across the globe, the New Zealand government has asked the country’s universities to prepare for a substantially low number of foreign students.

New Zealand to decrease intake of international students Global Youth Voice gyv.
New Zealand to decrease intake of international students


Restrictions lifted

In early June, prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden, declared the country COVID-19 free after there was no new case for several days. The country is now under Alert level 1 where all schools and early learning services are open. Despite this, authorities have closed the borders of New Zealand except for New Zealand residents and few exceptions.

No International students this year

Authorities have warned the educators not to expect to reopen borders anytime soon. New Zealand’s education minister, Chris Hipkins, warned the educators about the delay in border reopening since the pandemic is active in other countries. During his press conference on 27th July, he asked administrators of educational institutes to prepare to function without any international students this year.

Colleges to lower their expectation

Prime minister Jacinda Arden also urged the colleges to lower their expectations about the number of students. She also expressed concern about the New Zealand students who are now studying abroad.

Usually, more than 117,000 international students take admission into various academic institutions of New Zealand. However, this year owing to pandemic and quarantine rule only 31,000 foreign students have been allowed into the country.

Concerns of the Education Providers

The Chief Executive of Universities of New Zealand, Chris Whelan said that the universities have accepted that the borders will be reopened much later than their expectation. He welcomed the government’s concerns about the citizen’s fears about foreign travellers spreading the infection again.

Whelan suggested granting admission to students in time for the first semester next year via university-run quarantine centres. He added that the country’s eight public universities may lose NZ$ 200 million this year. It is due to a decrease in foreign students’ enrolments. He also expressed concerns about the losses mounting after students who are currently in their final year return to their home country next year after graduation.

Government to help universities

New Zealand government unveiled a NZ$52 million package as a part of a recovery plan for the education sector. The government has requested the foreign students interested in studying in NZ to visit the website for updated information.


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