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Now Japanese trainers to train Indians online

Online Classes of Karate Global Youth Voice gyv

The Kolkata branch of the Japan Karate Association emerged to be one of the leading karate organizations in India. It inspired the karate-ka (practitioners of karate) both in India and abroad to study and practice karate. To teach their students during the pandemic, the association came up with a new idea.

Classes to Motivate

“We had realized the importance of introducing webinars to replace dojo training during the initial lockdown phase 1. We also had realized that teaching online is novel to many. It’s difficult to reach out to a particular segment of the trainees without the traditional class. We discussed the matter and the officials within the organization proficient in IT and began online classes”, said Somnath Palchowdhury Sensei (teacher).

Online Classes of Karate Global Youth Voice gyv
Online Classes of Karate

He added, “They helped our shidoin (association instructors) with the technical nitty-gritty of conducting karate classes online. Executed with lesson plans and contents of a lesson. We also take care of many other aspects like communication skills, positioning the mobile phone, using the webcam, adjusting the correct distance, checking out the trainees in between teachings, keeping the trainees hooked.”, said Somnath. He is also the chairman of the ‘JKAWF INDIA Kolkata’ and a JKA accredited instructor, judge, and examiner.

Learn Karate through Webinars

“We are now able to make our sessions more interesting by incorporating PowerPoint presentations. Guidance on proper diet, physical demonstrations with props, and training are now available online. Over 70% of our members are attending online webinars regularly. Whereas the rest who are not able to do so for because of any reasons are receiving short video clips of instructors teaching karate moves”, added Somnath Sensei.

Online Classes of  Karate Global Youth Voice gyv
Karate Teacher

The proactive activities of the JKAWF INDIA online are widely noticed by the global leaders of karate. Three of the association instructors, Somnath Palchowdhury, Prof. Puneet Bhattacharya, and Dibyendu Mandal have started teaching online. They come live at Karate@Home the world’s largest online karate dojo to teach its global audience through Facebook. The membership of this group, created by the German JKA instructors Martin Buchstaller and Nadja Korner has crossed 16,000 in the last five months. All these teachings are free in a chaotic situation for participants.

Even Exams held online

In addition to the live webinars the Japan Karate Association (JKA), headquartered in Tokyo has approved ‘JKAWF INDIA Kolkata’ to conduct online karate examinations. It is for the promotions of various kyu ranks (colored belts) in India. The organization has started carrying out such examinations and receiving good responses from all over the country.

“We have successfully hosted the first of its kind ‘Online Karate Camp’ with 209 participants. They organized it on the eve of Independence Day starting from 14th and ending on 15th August. Seven senior karate instructors of the association went live for teaching. They said the online camp is incorporating innovative ideas to improve the various aspects of karate and physical fitness. This was a paid camp. The fund collected is distributed amongst the young karate teachers struggling evidently due to lock-down,” added Somnath Sensei.

A monthly session with special trainers from Japan

The association has planned to have monthly special training sessions by JKA Japanese masters. Online classes conducted from Japan, which will include Kihon (basic techniques) and a Kata (forms) championship. Every month’s event is planned until life returns to normal. They will conduct an online JKA Black Belt Examination from Japan. Funds collected from these special monthly events given to the families of the active karate teachers suffering from an economic crisis during this period of the pandemic.

So, without wasting time, prevail the chance that will uplift your skill one more step further.

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