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Pandemic: Are You Dealing With It Right?

Monalisa in Pandemic



The coronavirus is no longer news to the world. Since the outbreak in early 2020, countries, states and cities are in a lockdown. Social distancing, repeated sanitisation and wearing a mask in public are the new norms. But as time passed by, the Covid-19 has started to wear people off. The seriousness and concern to deal with the pandemic is washing away. The lockdown has fatigued citizens and governments. And since most governments blatantly failed to curb the covid outbreak and further spread, they are now struggling to get back to normalcy. To build new and better norms, the unlock processes have begun.

People are coming out on the roads, meeting each other. The year did teach us a few new words, quarantine, isolation, social distancing or pandemic. However, we clearly need to imbibe them more in our lives and lifestyles to ensure safety. Governments have mandated social distancing and usage of masks in public all the time. Public and mass gatherings are still banned, while important events, festivals and events are shelved. But gradually, there is an attempt to get back on the track.

Pandemic Coronavirus
Pandemic Coronavirus

But we still don’t know everything about this virus. While everyday there is news relating to it, it is still not completely in our knowledge about the way it spreads. Scientists and doctors are trying their best to identify how it could be stopped. Research and tests are under trials, and there is a faint hope that soon this too shall come to an end. On the other hand, there is no certainty on how long would it be before we breathed freely again. So before you decide on stepping out or you already are, here are some basic things you must ensure.

  • Do not step outside without your mask. It is undoubtedly natural to be forgetful. But honestly, paying a fine and the price of your life is not worth it.
  • Masks are different from earphones: Your masks aren’t supposed to be just hanging from your earlobes. They are designed to protect your mouth and nose from getting in contact with the virus.
  • Masks are different from chokers, and towels, and neckpieces: So when you need to take your masks off, kindly put them in a sanitised and clean place. Do not hang them around your neck. You never know if your exposed skin is carrying a virus.


  • Chuck Hello, say Namaste: It’s a Pandemic era and the meet and greet rules have changed. Hugs and cuddles are important, but not when they are capable of giving you the virus too. So ensure maintaining a safe distance while meeting someone. As far as politeness is concerned, say hello. There isn’t a better way to receive someone (Ask Indian parents!)

Stay Home in Pandemic
Stay Home in Pandemic
  • Masks aren’t a regular piece of cloth you can wear every day without washing. No, you can’t just flip them around and wear either. Ensure that you are using a safe mask that protects you, no pressure to make it a fashion statement. Keep them clean, wash and sanitise them regularly, and do not prolong the usage of one single mask.
  • Wash your hands on a regular basis for 30 seconds. Especially when you come back from the outside. Use antibacterial hand wash and sanitizers.
  • Consult a doctor when you fall sick. These are not regular times where you sleep off your fever and cold. It could be fatal, so get over your fear of doctors and vaccine.
  • Do not spit: Many people hold a speciality over spitting in public spaces. In times like these, or in general do not spit in public. It is not just unsafe and unhygienic, but gross and uncivil too.
  • Stay indoors: This is important, as late Rahat Indori Sahab had said “Bulati hai, magar jane ka nahi”. Try staying indoors as much as possible and step out of the house only if urgent. No matter how tempting it is to witness the natural beauty after being bored of those four walls.
  • Don’t touch your face. And for heaven’s sake, don’t touch your mask. Isn’t the no touch policy clear already?



So we hope you read that carefully and hope all our readers stay safe, healthy and indoors. The world would get through this pandemic soon too. And if you can’t balance fashion and pandemic still, continue reading her


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