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Pandemic – How the teaching got drastically changed

How Teaching got changed Global Youth Voice gyv


Mohammad Ali Zafar
Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi

‘In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn’. Teaching a student is one of the tough tasks as you have to present yourself in the best possible way to help one to understand you as well as you are able to understand him because the understanding each other help both to co-operate and solve the problem in a more systematic way.

Teaching experience is totally related to the qualification and achievement gains throughout a teacher’s career and also the student’s confidence increment is because of the teachers help and support & after all this the student want.

How Teaching got changed Global Youth Voice gyv
Online Classes:How Teaching Got Changed in Pandemic

COVID effect

As we all familiar with this pandemic (COVID -19) its consequences and due to this the world is changing. All the things need a new policy and change in their presentation. COVID, especially INDIA is having more focus on teaching online. Schools, colleges, universities are closed till this pandemic is over, and are requested to operate through online mode. Even in the New Education Policy 2020, they have given special focus to online teaching due to uncertainty about future.

So for the last 3-4 months, we are all giving classes through ZOOM, WEBEX and MEET using these apps widely. You will consider yourself to be a great teacher only when you are capable of elevating the average student to high performance. And when no student is left out as non-performer you should continuously build your capabilities in teaching. So that you can impart quality education to all students and endeavor to fill their minds with great thoughts. And spread the nobility in thinking and action among the students.

How Teaching got changed Global Youth Voice gyv
Pandemic changed the teaching ways

Personal Experience

From the last 4 months, all started teaching in online mode. We know it has some advantages as well as disadvantages. But in the long run if this is going to continue then it will going to take time to be a part of teaching. Last weekend I met my teacher Nirdosh sir (professor at IP University) had a discussion about it. He started it emphasizing it as “good to teach online, less time consuming”.

But he also said some disadvantages as well by saying “This is a costly method for teaching as one have recharge internet with costly recharges. Also not suitable for the teachers with 2 room apartments. Because the study environment is a must, not suitable for long hour classes also he emphasized on one to one teaching for proper eye contact with the student. He supported it as a short term measure, not for the long term.

I also started teaching online with no training as we are already trained in this advanced world of using these online portals, students started found it self-satisfactory to study by this mode and now all are using it easy now but for proper concentration, the session has to only one to one hence preparing for future to be bright as it used to be earlier. As a support to the society, most of the people still used to teach free of costs that are in need of it because as APJ Abdul Kalam has said: “We should realize by being a teacher, that we are making an important contribution to the efforts of national development.”

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