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Parakh Madan’s recipe for success

The famous TV-actor Parakh Madan is known for her role in Kabir Singh. She also made a mark on the small screen through Bade ache lagte hain and Sapne suhane ladakpan ke. She suggests young aspirants to complete their education first before stepping in to the TV industry.Otherwise complete the education side by side while working as it will help to boost confidence and can be used as a back plan if things won’t go right. Along with this, she also thinks that movies sometimes only serve purpose of entertainment and hence should not be judged.

In her exclusive talk with Global Youth Voice, the actress who have also worked in movies like Kabir Singh and Dev-D talked about her first project, struggle, new normal and relationships.


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Q. You are now one of the reputed face in the industry especially in TV-serials. How the journey began?
A. I used to learn Kathak dance from a very early age and I continued it till my college education too. I just wanted be on stage. During an event in my college in Delhi, one of my senior suggested me to make a portfolio. This way my career in it began and I started getting several print advertisments. I had never thought of getting here.

Q. You have been in the industry from last 17 years. How was it? Any memorable moments?
Parakh. The first project any actor gets is a memorable one. In my first serial when I got a lead role, I had to work a lot, learn a lot as I was new to the industry. Even there were rumors that I should be replaced since I was not meeting their expected level of perfection but I worked hard, read books and finally was able to see the good result. Another days, I remember most is when I used to go to Chandigarh for the movie Dev-D, shooting in Chandigarh and Delhi was another memorable moments in my career.

Q. There are few people who think that the movie Kabir Singh gives a wrong message to the society. Since you have also a part of it, how would you react?
Parakh. See, if I would be a new comer in the industry, I might also say that movies may give a negative message too but after spending several years here, I have got to realize that there are some movies only meant for entertainment. They should not be judged according to their lesson. After all, there are system of certification too that clearly gives the viewers a prior idea of the movie whether they should watch or not. After all it was somehow a real story to an extent but had a different ending.

Q. Due to several projects you may feel exhausted many times, how do you manage to get your personal time? What do you do in your free time?
Parakh. When I am a lead actress then it is very harder to get off days but mostly when I am a not in that role, I get around 8-10 days for me when I recharge myself. I love to dance, paint and sketching too. But, I make sure that I get three days in a week for my Kathak dance. I also love to read books.

Q. How is the new normal in the shooting? For how many days, Covid-19 stopped you from shoot?
Parakh. The last day before lockdown I went for the shoot was March 18 I guess. For next two months, everything was closed. But, after the shooting began again, it is totally different now. We have to use gloves and masks and most of the crew is in PPE kits. Earlier there used to be around 50-55 people altogether at a shoot but now it is limited to 30-35. It is so different now.


Q. Your husband is an army officer and due to his, job he has to live in different cities. How you manage your personal and professional life?
Parakh. Yes, since he is an army officer, he is mostly out of town but we try to meet every month or every second month. He gets a new posting every two years and I get a chance to live with him. But, it is harder to get together as we both have different nature of jobs.

Q. So you are living in a sort of long distance relationship. Since you have a love marriage, tell us something about your relationship and the secret behind its strength?
Parakh. We had a love affair from our school days. It was so uneasy in those days but somehow we continued and married. We are together till date because we have a strong bond of friendship and understanding since we both were in a same school. I think, the basic principle behind any long distance relationship is “to communicate”. If both decide to spare an hour a day and talk to their partners, then there will be no chances of communication gap and it will give the relationship a major strength.

Q. What is your message to young aspirants who are thinking to go to the TV industry?
Parakh. I am not an authority to give suggestions but through my experience, I have realized that young aspirants must complete their education first before coming here. Because it will always act as a back up and it is obvious that things may not go right always.
And my another suggestion would be to have patience is must. Young people nowadays have an addiction of getting results instantly and if they do not get it, they think everything that is happening is wrong. Hence they must have patience when coming to this industry.


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