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Year 2020 has been a year of realizations and shocks. The pandemic due to Covid 19 has challenged world orders, economies and brought nations down on their knees. These uncertain, unpredictable times has raised a major question for the future of the Youth. Students and recent graduates around this time are usually on a look for the best college and job opportunity. This year however doesn’t just affect their present, but puts a big question mark for their future. With restrictions on inter-state movements and international flights, the youth are facing with too many challenges. Options have become limited, risks have increased, competition doubled and employment scope has decreased. Unemployment and fight over each seat has hiked for the young generation.

Students in seclusion

After the imposition of a nationwide lockdown, thousands of students and youth got stranded far from their homes. The isolation did not just take a mental toll on them but has affected their academics and productivity. The new reality demands every sector to adapt a more fluid mechanism. New way of life has incorporated itself into our daily routines and work life.

This year though, most Universities and colleges are yet to decide their further course for taking applications and conducting examinations. Many companies that offered placements and paid internships to students have been cutting down their staff due to the economic setback. Travelling increases the risks of catching the virus, and also remains a difficult process currently.

Students Express Concern

GYV spoke with students who planned or are planning on applying to universities abroad, or outside their respective states. It was noted that most students were anxious about the future prospects of the Education system in a Post-COVID era. For those who see an online/virtual learning programme replacing the existing design of education, it was concerning. Wali shares his woes while talking about the new difficulties he is now faced with. He says,

“Moving out of your hometown, seeing and learning from a practical and wider world, has more to offer. If distant/virtual education comes into the centre, it is highly likely that we won’t get the same exposure and grooming.”

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New York University

Kumar Yash expressed how it has become more difficult to convince parents to allow him apply abroad.

“I was planning on applying abroad for my higher studies. However, my parents are no more willing to agree with it. There are so many courses that are not available in my state universities, or in India. Very few that offer those courses have limited seats making it more difficult to get through”

The Covid 19 has crushed metro dreams for small town students and migrants’ kids. As families and labourers went back to their home towns, moving away from their families again is now a distant dream in near future. Since the lockdown, migrants have been striving hard to meet basic ends meet. In time like these, primary and higher education becomes more challenging for most families in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and other states with a collapsing education infrastructure.

University’s dilemma

While many universities have now started to accept admission applications, there still is no clarity on how examinations would be conducted. Most universities and colleges are facing dilemma whether to conduct online examinations or not. Students on the other hand have for long been waiting to hear for a proposal that addresses their issues.

Abhinandan, a final year student waiting for his degree to finish said,

“I depend upon this degree to get a job as soon as possible. My family looks forward to my support, but the CEASELESSNESS of the system has not just pushed my aspirations but rather risked it further. The market is down already, and if they plan to grade us on the basis of average marking, it is only further going to lessen my chances. Conducting online examinations is also not the best idea as I know the struggle of lack of gadgets and proper internet connection. I don’t have a solution, but the government and the education system needs to focus on the problems of the Youth.”

The world may not be in a lock down because of Covid forever and soon as we step out to resume into a new order, the Youth quotient must be resolved.

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