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PUBG Mobile launching soon in India

PUBG Mobile Comeback, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Soon, Player Unknown’s Battleground( PUBG) is going to take a grand entry in India. In the recent development, PUBG Corporation has launched a new website for India. However, PUBG Mobile comeback date is yet to announce. Gamers are eagerly waiting for the big news because latest announcements are giving them a reason to gladden.

PUBG Mobile Comeback, Global Youth Voice, gyv
PUBG Mobile is making a Comeback

PUBG’s Indian Website

Currently the website only highlights PUBG Mobile India’s social media posts. Also, there are some link attachments to its social media handles and YouTube channels. Till now, no official date has been mentioned, only a “coming soon” message is flashing on the website. PUBG players from all over India are keeping a close check on the latest news about the game. The company has also released a trailer featuring famous PUBG streamers. Jonathan, Kronten and Dynamo can be seen attracting gamers, giving an insight about the game launch and filling excitement all over.

The Star comeback

We all know that PUBG was banned by the government in India. But with the comeback decision, the game is winning gaming community hearts. PUBG is claiming that the game has been crafted specifically for the Indian market, right from its comeback buzz. The Indian Subsidiary will hire over 100 employees for its  business, sports and game development branches. On talking about privacy and data security concerns, PUBG Corp said, “We will conduct regular audits and verifications on the storage systems. We are aware about the storage holding Indian users’ personally identifiable information. Our team will carefully look after the security thing and ensure that their data is safely managed.” The new version will have upgraded in-game contents tailored to address local needs. This would lead to a healthy gameplay environment.

Customisation according to Indian taste

Various modifications have been introduced as per the taste and preferences of Indian audience. Firstly, the setup will be of a virtual simulation training ground. While new characters automatically start clothing, the green hit effects will show the virtual nature of game. A new feature which places restrictions on the timing of game is a great move for younger players.The Company wants to promote healthy gameplay habits.

In an interview, few days back Kronten Gaming, famous Indian PUBG Streamer said, “The game might release on App store and Google Play by 20th november. Trailer would take few days to create the hype and thus, it is likely that the game will be out before 20th.” Kronten is in the teaser as well.


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