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Ratan Tata posts photos of his first visit to Jamshedpur

Ratan Tata, the chairman emeritus of the Tata group of companies, took a trip down memory lane recently when he shared some rare, old photographs on his Instagram handle. In this post, he recalled his first visit to Jamshedpur, the city named after the founder of the Tata Group, Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata.


Ratan Tata wrote

In his Instagram post, he wrote, “I remember the first time I ever visited Jamshedpur when I was on holiday from college. Mr. R.G. Da Costa and Mr. J.D. Chokshi invited me to visit the Telco plant and have a walk around the plant. This trip was much before I started working on the Tata Steel floor, my first interaction with the legacy city of Jamshedpur.”

Jamshedpur is India’s one of the first planned cities situated in Jharkhand began as a village known as Sakchi. It was selected by Jamsetji as the location of his steel plant- and in 1919 Lord Chelmsford renamed it Jamshedpur in his honor.

The chairman emeritus of Tata sons recently made a largehearted donation to Prime Minister’s funds for the COVID-19 relief operations.

The Tata group’s website states: “When the earliest settlers arrived in what was then Sakchi in 1908, they were lured by the idea of making a home in a city yet to be created. The idea of present-day Jamshedpur started of course with the setting up of Tata Steel plant.”

“Moneylenders, artisans, young men, and women looking to start a new life moved here. Invited by the company to be a part of this dream that Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata had seen and his successors Sir Dorabji, sir Ratan and RD Tata would turn into reality.”


Throwbacks on Thursday

This is not the first time that Tata Has shared old photos on his Instagram handle. Earlier in January this year, Tata shared a picture of his younger self from his days at Los Angeles. In the throwback post, he said that he wanted to share this image on Wednesday but was told that throwbacks only occur on Thursday. “So, here is a throwback from my LA days, not long before I happily returned to India,” he said.

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