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Results: International Day of Yoga Competition 2020

International Day of Yoga contest, 2020, GYV

Global Youth Voice (GYV) organized an online competition for schools and college-going students on the occasion of ‘International Day of Yoga’ on 21st June. The entries for the participation were closed on 28th June-2020. Yoga, an ancient practice in India, intertwines the physical, mental and spiritual disciplines to help in overall development of personality. It helps in enhancing memory power, improves concentration, boosts immunity, balances the right and left brain and helps in curing health problems like thyroid.

Other than improving the cardio-vascular system, it is also a great stress reliever. A report by ‘Journal of Physical Activity and Health’ reads, “Twenty minutes of yoga improves the brain’s ability to quickly and accurately process information”. So, we heartily congratulate every participant for their efforts.

International Day of Yoga 2020, gyv

We organized the competition in six different groups, namely Group A(Nursery, LKG, UKG), B(Class 1-5), C(Class 6-9), D(Class 10-12), E(Undergraduate), and F(Post Graduate). Options of 10 asanas were given to the participants of each group, of which they had to perform any five.

This was our initiative to raise awareness, join our hands so that this reaches every home and makes lives much better and energetic with full of positive vibes.

We are glad to announce that we received a large number of responses from the students who has given yoga an important part in their lives.




The little munchkin Vandana Kumarientry  and Anne Mishra won the team’s heart with their postures. Annne Mishra, currently studying in standard three has been selected for a special prize. We are happy to announce today the result of the competition. Also, little kids and youngsters like Ashika, Himadri, Adhrit, Priya, Sonu Varsa, Suman, Jayati who practiced yogasanas in their lives are an inspiration for all of us. All participants performed very well and it was a tough task for our judges to select the rankers.

Results, International Day of Yoga competition, GYV
Anne Mishra, Clay Coughts Primary, Slough, UK

We are happy for receiving such positive response from you guys and taking the baton in your hand to in making every household aware of Yoga and its positive effects.

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