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Saumya Pandey IAS Officer Re-joins Work 2 Weeks After Delivery

Saumya Pandey IAS, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Juggling motherhood and work responsibilities, Saumya Pandey, IAS Officer showed excellent commitment towards her duty. Modinagar sub-divisional magistrate Saumya Pandey rejoined office 2 weeks after she gave birth. She carried her baby with her. “I am an IAS officer so I have to look after my service”, stated Modinagar sub-divisional magistrate Saumya Pandey. She was appointed the nodal officer for Covid in Ghaziabad district this July.

Saumya Pandey IAS, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Saumya Pandey with her Child

“God has given women the strength to give birth.” :- Saumya Pandey, IAS Officer

In a statement to ANI, Pandey stated, “I am an IAS officer so I have to look after my service. Due to Covid-19, there is a responsibility on all. God has given women the strength to give birth to a life and care for the child. In rural India, women do their household and work related to their livelihood in pregnancy. During the near days of delivery and after giving birth they take care of the child and also manage their work and household. Similarly, it is the blessings of God that I am able to do my administrative work with my three week old girl child.”

On familial and societal support

“My family has supported me a lot in this. My whole Tehsil and Ghaziabad district administration which is like a family to me gave me support during the pregnancy and post-delivery. District Magistrate and administration’s staff supported me throughout my pregnancy period as well as after my delivery”, she added. The SDM said, “From July to September, I was the Nodal officer for COVID in Ghaziabad. In September I took 22 days- leave during my operation. Two weeks after the delivery, I joined the Tehsil.” On the issue of pregnancy during the pandemic she added, “Every pregnant woman should take necessary precautions while working during COVID-19 pandemic.”

The internet applauds the SDM

Netizens praised the IAS Officer for her strength. They congratulated her on the birth of a healthy daughter. People were quick to applaud her commitment towards her work. @prashantchiguru tweeted “Must be inspired by @GummallaSrijana ! @IASassociation Saumya Pandey (SDM Modinagar) didn’t availed 06 months maternity leave, joined back office with her infant daughter. #CoronaWarriors”

New Zealand PM made history by carrying her baby to the UN General Assembly Meeting

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern made history as the first world leader to attend the United Nations General Assembly meeting with her baby. Ardern appeared with her three-month-old daughter at the UN on Monday evening. Furthermore, she played with her before giving a speech at the Nelson Mandela peace summit. While she spoke, Ardern’s partner Clarke Gayford held the three-month-old baby on his lap.


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