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I Carry Your Load Or You Carry My Load?

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Oh no ! What are you doing ? You are hurting me . You are giving me lots of load. But…..still I am happy because I can travel with you wherever you go.

You know I am your best friend. I can carry your needs, ie: Books, copies, slam books, rain coat water bottle and most important thing your yummy lunch. Besides that I can hide your secrets too.
I think you recognized me. Yes, I am your best friend “ Bag”.

But what are you doing with me? After returning home from school you throw me in some remote corner. Never think how much pain I face. Now a days you are at your homes . You don’t know where I am. I am in dirt and dust. You don’t bother for me.

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I know why are you angry with me, these days I am very much heavy. Your school asks you to bring many books and copies. You kids are facing lots of pain due to my heavy weight on your back. I am sorry for that.

Kids , do you know I have evolved through ages. Though my primary duty of carrying books has remained the same I have seen various transformations from Basta of the 20th century to Back Packs of 21st Century.


My History

Your grandfathers used me as Basta– made of jute sac. You can see me in old Black & White movies. Your grandparents used to carry books and later in school sat on the floor during classes. Then it was me which used to give them the required cushioning. So i doubled up as the bag and seater.

The School Box

Later on my form changed and students got a rectangular box made of aluminium or  tin to carry their daily needs to the school. At that time I was carried in hands. Books are treasure for you all students and in that period I felt proud to provide safety to those articles.

Backpacks Came in

Your parents during their childhood used me differently. In the mid 20th Century I was in the form of a bag with long handle which could be hung on shoulder. At that time mummas could stitch a brand new school bag at home. At that time I was popularly known as Shantiniketani Bags. I was very comfortable to use. Your parents found me very easy to use as they gave me a gentle wash whenever I got dirty. I was also very happy because I was away from dirt and dust.

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Time changed and now your parents used me with buckles. They hanged me on back. I felt proud of my reformation. I was available in many colours in various designs. From that time kids started to write their name on me. I had the feeling of being an asset.


Children you can categorize me by these types :


1. Messenger Bag-

This bag is also called Courier Bag which is basically a large satchel worn over just one shoulder. This bag is preferred by students and cyclists because its easy to sling over the shoulder and provides easy access to the contents.

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2. Backpack-

It is very common among students. It has been reformed many times according to peoples need. It’s style has been revolutionized over and over to fit the trend in fashion. Now a days people have to carry electronic gadgets so its function has been changed to accommodate all kinds of electronic gadgets, for example- laptops, tablets etc.

When you have to carry a lot of things, you will prefer Backpack because it is very convenient and easy to travel. But if you have to search something inside spontaneously, it’s very hard to find. You kids also prefer this to carry books , notebooks , lunch box and water bottle. Since heavy load is carried on back , children are able to manage.

School bags, This one is laptop bag, types of bag
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3. Laptop Bag-

Now a days Laptops are very essential gadget for students. They have to prepare presentation and many more things. So they need a bag to carry laptops. Laptop bags are well cushioned and it secures the gadget nicely. It is best bag to carry little things with Laptop.

4. Duffel Bag-

These bags are mainly used in armed forces. It is found in cylindrical shape but revolutionized to fit the modern student. Athletes and sports persons get benefited with this bag. You can throw all your stuffing into it without any hesitation.

5. Clutch Bag-

A Clutch bag is a small hand bag which is carried in hand. Initially it was made for females who carry few stuff with them. Now a days clutch bags are made for males too. It is perfect when you have to carry cards and few cash only.

Now time has come when there is no distinction between the bags carried in schools, colleges or offices. Mostly persons carry me on back. Now a days a school kid carries trolley bag as well as back pack too. Similarly office persons also carry back pack.

In the yesteryear I was available at cheap rates which was affordable by everyone. But now it’s the matter of brand. Now people can spend higher amount for a particular brand. Although I do the  same work.
Dear kids, I have seen lots of changes over the period. I have seen a kid carrying his articles in me. They were enjoying their way to school .But now I am seeing the parents who are carrying your load. Parents are very much worried for you.

I Say I carry Your Load, You Feel You Carry My Load

Its not your fault. Books and heavy baggage suppress your childhood. Due to this heavy weight you are facing many physical problems. You are suffering from back pain and shoulder ache. Small kids are looking beautiful when they are playing and smiling. Time will come when you will reduce my size and kids will enjoy my company.


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