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Is Your Child Overusing the Smartphone?

Smartphones use, Global Youth Voice, gyv

The year 2020 took the world order by a storm. The pandemic has changed everything today. Now that we are in almost 8 months of lockdown, functionality has either come to a halt, or taken its course via virtual and online methods. Here, we must not overlook how the coronavirus outbreak has resulted to a worldwide lockdown across the globe. This resulted to a systemic shift in educational and corporal sectors. Kids were once restricted and prohibited from using smartphones and gadgets. However, today they are today continuing and coping with their academics with the assistance of smartphone and internet.

Smartphones use, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Overuse of Smartphones

Lockdown, Smartphones and Students

While, there is no denial to the fact that this has created yet another level of disparity in the educational sector owing to economic and structural gulfs in the society. There is yet another setback to the use, or overuse of smartphones and gadgets among student. Schools and colleges in India closed in March 2020 after the covid-19 outbreak in the country. Most other countries shut their schools and colleges around the same time in the light of the pandemic. But since education had to take its due course, after weeks and months of pause, education came exclusively on online platforms.

Students and parents are gradually getting accustomed to home learning through smartphones this lockdown. Classes, assignments, extra curriculums and examinations are being conducted through smartphones and e-gadgets. But amid all of this, academicians, parents and doctors are also worried about the impact this transition might have or has on students. Is this the final solution to the Pandemic given that it is leading to an overuse of smartphones by students? This lockdown, children have learnt to become more tech-savvy. However, they have also been spending longer time in front of mobile screens, computers and television.

Overusing Smartphones: Impacts

Research and studies to understand the impact of overusing smartphones in students show some concerning results. Young adults are facing sleep deprivation and attention deficit at an increasing rate. The escalated use of smartphones and computers this lockdown has other health effects on students and young adults as well. Lesser physical activity was directly proportionate to increased smartphones use. It must be noted that scientific evidence show that higher screentime is linked with a greater risk of mortality, researchers in a journal Sustainability report found.

Containing Screentime and Smartphone Usage

Technological addiction is not a new phenomenon, however getting rid of it often proves to be a difficult road. The smartphone overuse by students this lockdown came up as a necessity, but has turned into an obsession. Already months into the pandemic now, we must realise that this is the new normal. However, the new normal doesn’t necessarily compromises with health and wellness. Screentime and usage of smartphones might be a need, but must be kept in check.

Further, students and children should be encouraged to perform physical activities even at home. Both parents/guardian and teachers can play a guiding role in this. Students should also be asked and counselled time to time, so as to ensure they do not spend too much time on the internet for deviation. If the overuse of smartphone continues at the given rate, it can have severe damages on the child’s mental and physical health.


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