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Interview Your Grandparents, Make Memory and Share With Us, We Will Feature It #SmellsOfChildhood #MannKiBaat

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on Sunday asked children to interview their grandparents and share the video with him. The lockdown has left many of us in great depth of loneliness leading to a surge in number of suicides. As we are locked in our own homes, it has limited the scope of counselling from a mental experts but the doctors strongly insist on to talk, so that the person feeling loneliness can express his or her grief.

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Mann Ki Baat

In the Sunday’s episode of PM’s Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi advised children to talk to their grand parents and interview them. He also asked them to make a video of the interview and send that to him. It is always exciting for the young generation to talk about numerous aspects and get to know the vast differences among the generation.

Participate in GYV’s Smells Of Childhood and get featured on our website

We too at The Global Youth Voice have also decided to feature the best interview videos on our website to encourage more and more children to talk to their grandparents and let them feel included again.

How to participate in Smells of Childhood?

Make the video and send the entries to the following WhatsApp numbers.

+91 96933 57505

+91 62993 89426

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #SmellsOfChildhood #GYV

Clueless? Confused on how to make a good video? What to ask?

Do not worry, we will help at every step.

Tips to make a good video

1. Hold the camera steady or use any pen stand or similar thing to keep the camera or mobile steady so that that it should not disturb the video.
2. All person to be featured in the video should face light source so that their face is visible clearly.
3. Do not talk together, wait for the other person to stop before you begin to speak.
4. Maintain pin drop silence so that the voice is audible without any extension mic.
5. If any person is sitting in front of a window, make sure that curtains are there so that no anti-light disturbs the light balance in the video.
6. Don’t use auto-focus, disable it before you begin.
7. If possible, use the grid based camera feature and always place the subject in the center.
8. Use plenty of light.

Smells of Childhood, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Participate in GYV’s Smells of Childhood

Questions you may ask to know more about them

*Where were you born?
*What was your house like as a child?
*Did you have a favorite toy as a child?
*We are called naughty….did you do the same kind of things that we do today …..were you also naughty ?
*Is our childhood different from yours?
*Whom did you like to play a prank on ?
*Who was your ideal…someone who inspired you the most and you wanted to be like that person….someone who created the deepest impact on your growing up ?
*What is the most important lesson that your parents taught you?
*How you used to go to your school?
*We have mobiles and games, how you used to play? Tell us about the games you used to play?
*What is your favorite thing about being a grandparent?

However, there may be thousands of questions but obviously we cannot add that in here.

Come on kids, talk to your Dadu, Dadi, Nanu and Nani and send the videos to us too, get featured on our website and social media handles. We bet, it will be a great memory for you for the lifetime.




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