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Social Media’s Wider Role in Education: Quora and Others

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Social media has taken the world by a storm in the 21st century with its pro-innovative ideas. It empowers and enables education reach through new and accessible mediums. For a competitive world, looking beyond books are important and necessary. Books are a person’s best friend, but knowledge and education must not be restricted to them. Social network provides the opportunity to an individual learn through unconventional avenues which enhance their capacity.

Blogs, digital libraries, learning groups and information sharing allows educators and learners communicate effectively and yield education. In times of natural disasters and the current scenario of a Pandemic, social media address the issue of distance learning. One can access knowledge from anywhere, as long as the resources exist. Social media, along with technological advancement initiate a communicational way of education. It is a multifarious tool that with cost-effectiveness lets knowledge sharing and is insightful too.

Social Media, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Facebook: A social media platform

Social Media and Education

Students utilize social media for research, projects, basic knowledge based exploration, and collective interaction. Educators and scholars device these platforms for knowledge sharing, brings them social connectivity, stream live lectures, host discussions and also make education entertaining. Zoom classes, Facebook or Instagram live sessions, Quora questions and answers are connecting platforms that encourage community learning and collective growth. Blogs and virtual libraries is an innovative and affordable means to build an intellectual community. It also fosters research, and is a substitute for inaccessible and unaffordable books and papers. Research intensive networks like Sage Publications, JSTOR, IJRAR, ScienceOpen, ERIC, and are a few go to online platforms for research scholars.

The popularity of question and answer website, Quora is an example of how a simple knowledge based platform engages audience. However, it does not just has a large user base, but also usually comes in the top 5 search results. The media network founded in 2009, by January 2020 had 300million unique monthly users. Co-founders Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever share the vision to “share and grow the world’s knowledge”. In March 2016, the company acquired Parlio, a political deliberation forum. Within just 2 years of its launch, quora had raised $11million funding and the company was estimated a $86million. The company headquarters operate from Mountain View, California. At present, Quora’s market value is a whopping $2billion.

Social media indeed has made the world both easier and difficult. Now, that’s an oxymoron you can look up on Quora or Google!


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