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New Delhi: Covid induced Pandemic has triggered unique startup ideas just because it hit one and all. It has adversely affected the business but on the hind side has also given an opportunity to innovators. Hundreds of young minds have come out with unique solutions for day to day problems by offering online solutions. From consulting doctors, using apps people now have the liberty to offer puja and carry out rituals despite ban on gatherings.

While some of the start up ideas are going to fade with time, as the Pandemic situation improves but there are chances that users once glued to these service may continue using the platforms for ease of life.

Let us look at some of the unique startup ideas and how they are changing life for the better.


Medpiper is the World’s Largest Database of Verified Healthcare Practitioners(HCP’s)

What they do :

Under this startup idea, they connect authenticated, verified doctors & healthcare professionals to duty opportunities at nearby hospitals and healthcare organizations.

The journey of the startup idea

Pooled in local available doctors to enable a functional medical camp in Chikmanglur, with a constant rotation of 10 doctors, allocated to 4 doctors per shift, running 7 days a week, to look at everyday cases. (flu, toothache, review checkups for diabetes patients etc). 300-350 patients consulted on a daily basis. • Constant updates supplied to practitioners to the latest updates, SOPs, and protocols to be followed • Launched a free marketplace for connecting PPE, essentials & sanitizer manufacturers in Bangalore to hospitals in need via 800 liters of sanitizers and 5k PPE masks acquired by hospitals via the platform. • Enable doctors to provide consultation via online tools, in line with the new tele consultation policy. Building a full-stack solution for the same. • Over 50 doctors mapped to various clinics across Malapurram, Chickmanglur and Hassan, helping to cater over 3000+ patients since March 20th



SmartPuja is a web based company providing an all inclusive package to ensure that your religious and ceremonial needs are attended to as well as sorted efficiently and under one roof.

What they do

The startup idea for Smartpuja came with the challenge of calling priests for puja at home. Smart Puja has introduced ePuja Bookings and Online ePuja ceremony to ensure safety of customers while attending to their religious requirements . Smart Puja is leveraging technology the ‘Smart Way’ and conducting Vedic Online ePuja ceremonies.

You can now perform a Puja ceremony from the comfort and safety of your home Participate in Vedic Pujas that are performed systematically with authentic rituals and customs with your loved ones. Their Pandits are highly proficient and guide customers in every step over a video call.

Everything here is tailor made to suit your needs – all you need to have is an active internet connection, a laptop or a smartphone. • We host the Puja ceremony online and live stream it to you. You join in the Puja remotely and our Pandit Ji conducts the entire Puja on your behalf.

They arrange for the complete Puja setup including the Puja samagri. As per the guidance of Pandit Ji,. THe jajmaan (customer) takes Sankalp for the Puja and repeats the shlokas and mantras during the Puja.  Once the Puja is booked, customer receives an email and SMS with the booking details.

The Smartpuja team contacts the customer within 24 hours to discuss the Puja details along with the Puja payment link sent over the payment gateway. The booking is confirmed once the Puja payment is done online and processed with sharing of the video link (Zoom call / Google Meet etc) for the Puja. On the date of Puja customer simply needs to click on the meeting id link and join the Puja ceremony.

We’ll also send you an email with the list of household items (like Plates, Spoons, Sweet / Prasad, Deepak, Napkins etc.) that you’ll need to keep ready before the start of the Puja.

Anthill Creations

It aims to make play accessible to all by building a low cost and sustainable playscape. Anthill Creations brings in the much needed play into children’s lives that eventually affects their overall growth and life

What they do

In this time of crisis, Anthill started a campaign to support migrant labour communities in Bangalore and has so far served over 1800 people with essential food packets and medical kits worth Rs 1000. Finally it took shape of a startup idea.

Essentials box- Rice, Dal, Atta, Sugar, Salt, biscuits and Cooking oil. Health Kit – Mask, Gloves, Sanitizers or soaps and Sanitary pads. Community targeted -Daily wage workers, Street vendors, Construction laborers, Maids and Auto drivers. Campaign update: 300/450 families reached 3lakh raised in donations 228+ supporters

How can you help? 

Every valuable contribution made will 100% go into providing the 450 families of the community each with an essential box containing a combination of food grains, wheat flour and other essentials to help them sustain for 2 weeks along with a health kit. Our NGO partners and local community volunteers will ensure the responsible distribution of these boxes while ensuring the utmost safety and social distancing.



The Taxshe is a movement that makes India safer by knitting together a reliable transport fabric exclusively for women and kids.

What they do:

They are a team of women custodians and “alternate moms“, who drive women and kids to their destinations. Taxshe started drives for senior citizens who needed to go for dialysis.

we have driven kids who had been away from their parents due to lockdown, we have driven pregnant women who need to go for their scans, we have driven people who needed their cataract surgeries done to enable their vision.



Fromvedas was born from a strong desire to make environment friendly, safe for hands, easy to use and backed by solid research studies cleaning solutions.

What they do:

Their hand cleaning products are completely made from organic oils, vegetable extracted colours, purely natural fragrances. Each of the ingredients are made or sourced from the most trusted without any compromise on quality.

We take great inspiration from the Veda’s, a great source of information from our ancestors. We find the use of activated charcoal as a cleaning agent from ancient times. We take great pride in making activated charcoal only from coconut shells. Natural colours derived from vegetable sources is yet an other ancient practice.



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