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This is the Third Leading Cause of Death Among Youth

Suicidal Cases in India, Global Youth Voice, gyv

The importance of emotional well-being is left unaddressed. Hardly is any heed paid to curb the emotional upheavals of soul and mind. In the worst case, it leads to an attempt of suicide.

Report ‘Suicidal Behavior in Indian Adolescents’ (2013) published by ‘National Library of Medicine’ reads, “Suicide is both a public and mental health problem… Due to stigma, Indians typically perceive having a mental illness as shameful.”

Suicide cases in India, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Suicidal Cases In India

From a very young age, children are asked to have a big dreams and aspirations. Dreams are the driving force to help one to move forward but what if one experiences a sudden breakage in it! Hardly are children told that dreams and expectations may change in accordance with time and space. Success stories of few selected people doesn’t define that ‘dreams are fulfilled at any cost’.

Who hold the responsibility to tell a child that Life isn’t always the sky colored in the seven colors of rainbow? 

No child in schools or at home is taught to deal with failures and hardships. And so, after they grow up, it becomes difficult for them accept those.


Suicidal cases in India in the month of May

Suicidal death of 17-year-old boy Manav Singh created havoc on social media. According to his brother Rishi Singh, “He tried to defend himself and also told his friends that he is innocent but he couldn’t handle the constant threats and believed that his side of story would not be heard. He was under tremendous pressure and had a panic attack and impulsively decided to commit suicide”. (Rishi wrote this on his Instagram handle).

Manmeet Grewal, best known for his roles in ‘Aadat Se Majboor’ and ‘Kuldeepak’, committed suicide on 15th May. Then Preksha Mehta who had appeared in various episodes of Crime Petrol, ‘Meri Durga’ and ‘Lal Ishq’ was found hanging on a ceiling fan at her residence in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on 26th May.

As of various reports, Manmeet Grewal was depressed for he was under “financial crisis” and amidst lockdown, unable to cope up with it, he chose the way to end his life by hanging himself. On the same note, as of reports, “Preksha was worried of career. She was worried that she will have to start everything afresh after lockdown”.

Lockdown across nation has left people with no jobs, pending EMIs and much more. Can the unresolved issues lead to depression and suicidal attempts? What worse can depressions lead to? Preksha’s last Instagram update was “Nothing is worse than the dying dreams”.

Dr. Nishant Goel, a psychiatry suggests, “This lockdown will definitely affect mental health to the worst. Revisiting past, unpredictable future is living people with worries. No one has imagined anything as ‘lockdown’, and so there is sudden halt in life, dreams and expectations. Reality isn’t really easy to handle”.


Possible Reasons to provoke suicidal tendency

As of the report by ‘Indian Journal of Psychiatry’, “Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young adults. According to the WHO, every year, almost one million people die from suicide and 20 times more people attempt suicide”.

Dr. Goel says,“Impulsivity, depression, despair and any chronic physical/ mental illness are the factors which provoke the person to commit suicide

When one has imagined and planned for so long but suddenly all of them are taken away, it is obvious to feel pain and heartaches. Allowing self to grieve and cry, considering that things are different and not good, pondering over the problems and realizing its solution can be of help.

“Sitting with one’s emotion and analyzing it might help in finding the way out. Heartbreaks or struggling to be accepted, one might feel at times that ‘his/her holds no meaning’, but all you could do is give time to yourself time, as it is the greatest healer”, suggests the Psychiatrist.


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