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Teacher’s Day in a Pandemic

 “Gururbrahma Gururvishnuh Gururdevo Maheswarah… Guruhsakshat Parambrahma Tasmal Shrigurave Namah…”

2020 has undoubtedly been an exceptional year, with the pandemic everything has shifted to online platforms. Celebrations and festivals were observed virtually, Teacher’s Day being no exception. Observed every year on the 5th of September since 1962 in India, it is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, India’s second president. This year, wishes and posts flooded social media feeds. People opted to express their love, gratitude, and respect for their teachers virtually. President Ramnath Kovind addressed and conferred honor to the teachers through a virtual model. He acknowledged the pivotal role teachers play in the making of a good student. Kovind stated that not buildings or schools, but good teachers shape the life of a student.

Google Doodle also joined in wishing India a Happy Teacher’s Day. Through an animated doodle, it displayed an assortment of academic and extra curriculum subjects. Honouring teachers in India across generations and teacher-student relationships, Google doodle represented books, colors, virtual education, space, science, maths, and psychology among others.

Credit - Pankaj Ray
Credit – Pankaj Ray

Hear it from the Teachers

Riya, a fellow at Teacher for India shared her teaching experience and how she received Teacher’s Day wishes from her students. Riyaa recently started teaching at TFI. She was very happy. Her students created a special WhatsApp group to wish her for the day. Some sent images of handwritten notes, drawings, and crafts that they made for her. “Their gestures were sweet and I am just overjoyed. The expression was beautiful. I started receiving their messages and wishes at midnight and it has not stopped since. The messages and notes had mistakes, but the feeling was pure. It is a satisfying and fulfilling feeling to know that I am contributing towards making a brighter and better generation”. Riya started as a teacher at TFI in 2020

Priya Makhan Kathpal is a teacher at Sarala Birla Public School Ranchi. She shared similar experiences of Teacher’s Day 2020 with Global Youth Voice. Priya has been in the academic field for 10 years and has taught at different schools. She expressed that while the celebration was very different from the rest years, but students and their enthusiasm were never the less. It was a year of virtual celebrations and students put in all efforts to express their love and respect for their teachers.

Virtual Celebration

Priya said, “Students took to the virtual platform to fill in for the social distancing and lack of physical interaction. Students organized games and dance performances to entertain teachers. They even came up with game ideas to involve teachers in the celebrations. Students played music, allowing teachers to guess which epic movie, serial, or song it was from. Kids are so pure and we become kids with them too. They showed us cartoon characters and we had to answer the name and cartoon they were from. I am still wishing special wishes from students”. Even alumni took to social media and virtual platforms to come forward and with the teachers.

2020 and Teachers

This indeed was a difficult year for teachers. They learned the new technology to keep up with e-learning. Students are forever indebted to every teacher in their life Teacher’s Day 2020 is a memorable year for teachers everywhere as it strengthened the Teacher-Student relationship in a virtual world. Teachers realized the love students had for them from a distance. It was a year that redefined love and respects irrespective of distance.

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