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Text Your Ex? Things Not To Do Post Breakup

Post Breakup Global Youth Voice gyv

Breakups undoubtedly are difficult, and moving on from a relationship is not easy. While seeing or dating someone is beautiful, ending a relationship and dealing with its consequences may not be. People often come across stories of friends drunk dialing their exes or have had the urge ourselves to send that, “I miss you” or “I hate you” text to our ex. Sometimes we sleep with the thought, but sometimes we end up acting upon Satan’s plan.

Post Breakup Global Youth Voice gyv
How to deal with after breakup

Breakups take a lot off a person as a broken heart is too much to heal. So there must be certain reminders for those dealing with a break-up. And trust us on this, we have all been there and seen that. Well, you might have heard this before, but here is a little pep talk Global Youth Voice has to offer to all of your broken hearts. So in difficult times, like this pandemic, when your voice fails to guide you, GYV would.

It is popularly said that a person goes through five phases after a difficult breakup. The 5 phases are:

  1. Denial

  2. Sadness/Depression

  3. Anger

  4. Rebound

  5. Acceptance

1. The Pandemic is not an excuse to text your ex:

The Coronavirus outbreak has sent us all in frenzy. For months now, the world has come to a standstill as the result of a lockdown. Most of us are clueless about to go on with our lives. But no one of that is a reason to text back your ex. There is a reason why you broke up. Make new friends, get in touch with long lost friends. But DO NOT TEXT YOUR EX.

2. Drunk dialing won’t heal your heart:

It may be very tempting to drunk dial or drunk call your ex. At times, you might think of it as an entertaining option. But hear us when we say it, the sober you are definitely going to regret it. And your ex’s ego might get a little boost too. Which is the last thing on your priority list? Rather, work upon your self-esteem a little!

3. Rebound relations don’t bind your life back:

Jumping into a relationship with someone else may seem like the easiest way to move on from your past relationship. But the rebound is not how moving on works. Your ex constantly keeps running through your mind. Moreover, you can never love your new partner if the only reason for that relationship is to get over your ex. So learn to love yourself first.

4. You cannot drink/smoke it away:

Life is not a romantic tragedy, and you are no Devadas! So if you think drowning yourself in alcohol to get over your heartache. Ignoring your pain and planning to smoke it away is another idea you would want to keep away from. Rather than drinking and smoking your pain, sit with it, and deal with it.

5. Don’t blame yourself, you are sufficient:

Sometimes the pain followed by a break up is too difficult to handle. We end up look for an excuse to blame all that pain on. In case we fail to find something, we end up blaming ourselves. This leads to depression and sadness. So it is important to channelize your anger and emotions in the right direction. Do not blame yourself just because you cannot put the blame on someone or something. You are sufficient for yourself.

6. Get done with painful reminders:

We do not suggest you burn or give away everything associated with your ex. That is not the most mature way to deal with a break-up. But it is important to distance yourself from all the painful reminders of your ex. If not for all, or forever, but for a while.

7. Stalking them/ being upset about their social media:

Stalking your ex’s profile might be irresistible. You would want to know what is going on with them. But it is all a work in vain. Looking at your ex’s social media profile might be too upsetting at times. However, social media is not the actual representation of one’s life. So rather focus on bettering your own life than getting hooked up to your past.

8. Being friends:

Ending things with your ex on mutual terms is a good thing. This doesn’t imply that you have to necessarily stay friends with them. But if it was a toxic relationship, keep a certain distance from your ex. Ensure that you do not keep the toxic ex away from your life.

9. Don’t give up on love:

Just because this love did not work out this time, it doesn’t mean love would fail you every time. Do not love up on love altogether because of one individual, or two, or even more. Love is an eternally beautiful feeling and there is never a good enough reason to give it up.

10. Settle for less:

There are many reasons why a relationship ends. While it is a good thing to analyze yourself after a break-up and thrive for a better version of yourself. Thinking that you don’t deserve better and should rather settle for less is not the right thing to do. You deserve all the happiness in the world, and therefore good versions of everything.


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