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“The Karate Kid”, A Must Watch Movie For School Kids

Karate Kid, Global Youth Voice, gyv

“When I was a child I remember that one movie changed my entire life. I was so moved that my movie that I pursued martial arts as my career. I took training in Martial Arts for four years and won many National Championships. I used to give Martial Arts training to school students”, says Aditya Narayan Tiwari who is a Black Belt Champion in Karate.

Karate Kid, Global Youth Voice, gyv
A Scene from Karate Kid Movie

“The karate kid” is a must-watch movie for teenagers as well as for children. The genre of the movie is drama, action, and family which have a lot to offer to young adults. The karate kid is a remake of (The Karate kid) of 1984. The story is filmed mostly on location in China with 56-year-old “Jackie Chan” the real hero of karate. The kids are most attracted to the movie which is based on the life of a kid, his schooling, friend circles, and the goal of getting off fear.

After the release of the movie “The Karate kid” on 11th June 2010, the story has gained popularity in modern times. And it has been accepted into Tokyo 2020, Olympics. It is a trending sports and even many schools have adopted it in their sports activities. The movie is simple which represents the scarcity issue of Martial Arts in the film which did not do popular at that time.

Karate Kid, Global Youth Voice, gyv
The Movie Poster

The storyline of “The Karate Kid”

Exotic skill The karate kid is s story’ of a 12-year boy named Dre Parker whose mother’s job transfer has landed him in China. He is new to the country and has no friends there. Parker tried his best to make friends and settle in the land but he failed and then he took the help of s maintenance man Mr. Plan, who is secretly a master of Kung Fu. In the land of Kung Fu, Parker knows only a little Karate, and Cheng the boy to whom he has to fight to win the match puts the karate kid on the floor with ease. The master teaches him that Kung Fu or karate is not about punches and parries, but it’s about maturity and calmness. The boy realizes that facing down the bullies will be the fight of his life.

Dipanshu, a black belt in Martial Arts, State champion in Martial Arts in Bihar shared that,

“I still use the ringtone of the song “Never Say Never” from the movie the Karate kid. The movie has taught me to work hard and then only I won the state championship of Martial Arts tournament in Bihar. And I am taking training to step forward for National Championship.”


He mentioned that this movie is his all-time favorite and he and his friends love watching. Mani a school girl said, “After watching this movie I fell in love with martial arts and also I have learned a lot from this movie.”

Cast and crew of the karate kid movie
Director – Harald zwant
Producers – Susan Skins, Sanping Hen
Screen Writers – Christopher Murphey, Robert Mark Kamen

The movie has a different fan base among school kids irrespective of any country. The movie seems boring at times but came out as an inspirational for school going kids to achieve the things which they think that is out of their reach.  


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