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This Is What JEE Mains Toppers Of 2020 Did For Success

JEE Mains Toppers, Global Youth Voice, gyv


JEE Mains Toppers, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Dayal Kumar: One of the JEE Mains Toppers of 2020

Ranchi: National Testing Agency has just declared the JEE Mains results in record eight days. Lakhs of students appear in the exam with a dream to study in prestigious institutes of the country like IIT, NIT, BIT and many more. However, only few get what they dreamt for. In spite of costly coaching, many of them cannot cross the threshold.

You studied, tried hard, isolated yourself from your friends, studied but you didn’t get the results. And many of you would be thinking for appearing again, many have lost their faith and fallen in Depression. But do you remember what your teacher had suggested you in the first class…?

Perhaps you don’t remember. Most of the teachers emphasise on one thing which is they say, “Smart studies will get you to your goals.” They had suggested you to stop to go every nook and corner and search for question. They might have also said you to read what really matters not every book’s every line has to be remembered. It just wasted your energy.

JEE Mains Toppers, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Akshat: One of the JEE Mains Toppers of 2020

Jharkhand state topper scoring 99.99 percentile Dayal Kumar says that to study is important but it was necessary to balance it with personal life. He had weak chemistry and he kept on focussing on theories. He used to study a lot.

But another candidate Akshat Kumar said that apart from studying and trying to balance personal life with school, coaching, friends and family, he needed to exercise to maintain positive energy. He studied and followed a routine along with daily morning exercise which helped him to get 99.949 percentile.

Not only this, another candidate, Shwetansu Singh scored 99.614 percentile. He said that during his 11th and 12th, he decided to isolate himself from his friends and then studied a lot. All he could feel was lots of burden and no one to share and relax. He then decided to drop a year and made friends. He managed his studies, friends and enjoy whenever it was boring.

All of them suggested to maintain study with personal life and it was harder for all of them to balance study and friendship. Smart studies are required.


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