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TikTok Ban, Amul Says STik with this STok.

TikTok Ban Global Youth Voice gyv

India retaliated China’s killing of 20 Indian soldiers by banning 59 apps in India. The decision flooded social media with creativity.


Memes on TikTok Ban

Memes on every social media platform surfaced when the most popular, yet criticized platforms TikTok got banned. Well, this also in a way ended an ongoing social media fight. It seemed like the Indian government officially fixed the YouTube vs TikTok by banning TikTok India.


TikTok elements were one of the contents to joke about and make money for YouTubers and roasters. Although the fight had aroused many conflicts and hashtags, memes and GIFs gave netizens a good laugh. Many people also stood in solidarity with the TikTok influencers, who were now jobless while, many enjoyed the ban.

Famous for winning hearts since long for its creativity in ads, the Indian dairy giant was no different. Amul did not lose any time in pointing out that one must make the most of the Indian “Stok” of products instead. Though it’s official tweeter wrote “#Amul Topical: New Delhi bans 59 Chinese apps!” with the logo girl of Amul holding a pack of Amul butter in an attached picture. ‘Stik with this Stok’  reflected boldly in the picture, captioned “We Chat Over Tea!”.


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