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Tips to make your love feel special and keep the relationship healthy

Humans are bound to fall in love. As they are called a social animal, they surely need a partner to share pain, love, and joy together and make life worth living. But on the other hand, we at a young age believe in instant results whether it is about preparing food, cracking an exam, opening a web page, or falling into love with someone. In this rush, we often misunderstand a mere attraction with love. 

In that case, if we take any step forwards and come in a relationship with any girl or boy, it often does not work out leaving us in despair. 

But, what if you are in love and want to work out your relationship. To help you we talked to many girls and concluded the following tips to get to know your partner better and continue a healthy relationship with her.

Here are some of the tips you can try to keep a healthy relationship with your partner –

Tips to propose a girl while keeping safe side Global Youth Voice gyv
Because  love is beautiful

1. Get to know her first

Make her feel special. Girls really like the guy who makes her feel special about her. Girls happiness lies over the small things and these small things can be a great memorial day of her life. Try to bring a smile to her face. If you can make her smile, she will forget all her problems of her life and wants to spend time with you. In this way, you can win her heart.

2. Make her comfortable

Always be ready to listen to her. If you give time to her and make her feel that you like to listen to her, she will tell you all the secrets of her life and in the way, you can come close to her heart. Though all girl is not so talkative yet they feel comfortable to talk to someone or share their problems with someone whom they can trust. If she trusts you a lot and shares everything to you then she will never want to end the friendship.

3. Never ever lie to her

Just be loyal. Girls always want to listen to the truth about everything, be it the worst situation that may hurt her badly but hiding something and lying will hurt her more. So, try never to lie to her. Always share the right things about you otherwise if she will get to know later it will hurt her and it may affect your friendship. Be honest.

4. Just be yourself

Girls the guy who is truly them, who love themself and who is always ready to help anyone. So just be yourself. Be the real you are from inside. If she is in your class and you have never talked to her, just try to increase the contact. You can ask her for notes and ask to help you with your studies. Try to give her a compliment, she will definitely like to talk to you if you give her a compliment.


5. Always be there for her

Human beings are social animals. And yes girls too are. If you can make her feel that you are always there for her no matter how hard the situation is, no doubt she will like to spend time with you. Recieve her call at the first or second ring, it will leave an impression that you care about her. Give an instant reply to her. Most of the girls have mood swings problems if you can understand her mood you have already won her heart.


6. Try to understand her feelings

Girls like the guy who can understand her feeling without saying a single word. If you can understand her feelings without her speaking about it, then she will never want to lose you. Girls usually don’t want to speak about her problem but if she shares it with you, you are already special to it.

7. Never leave her alone in her bad mood

If she says leave me alone and it seems that she is upset, try to understand the situation. Never leave her alone if she is upset, otherwise, you will lose your respect in her eyes.

8. Be confident and keep her personality in mind

You know all the truth of her and all about her personality. Now, it’s time to express your feelings. You can ask her for a traditional candlelight dinner and express your feelings with some surprise gift.

9. Be practical

Girls usually like the person who can speak at her face. So try to express your feelings face to face. But before this, hint her that you like her via call or msg or some sign language.


10. Bend down on your knees

This is the oldest and special way to ask out a girl but it will surely short turn out to be a winner. Girls love their partner to be chivalrous. A red rose in hand and some special gifts will add some extra beauty to the moment.


11. A letter or a handmade greeting card

If she loves painting or Reading, you can give her a letter or you can make a greeting card for her to express your feelings. She will definitely like letters and greetings Card made by you. Also, a gift made by hand will make her feel special and loved.


12. If possible then propose her in her favorite place

All have some favorite place, where you want to spend their time. So if possible try to get her to that place and then propose her with some quotes that she will definitely like. Proposing on her the place she loves will be a memorable day of her life and there are more chances of getting a positive result.


13. A cute Loving song

If you can sing well, then sing some songs for her before proposing, and if you think that you can’t sing well then before proposing to try to talk about the special moments you spend together and play a cute Loving song. It will make her feel special and may give a positive result.


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