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US issues guidelines to bar new foreign students

The United States government on Friday issued new guidelines and announced that it will not admit any new foreign students seeking online courses. The decision came over a week after the U.S revoked an order sweeping new restrictions on international college students. After revoking order on foreign students of their visas federal immigration officials announced. It will bar the entry of new foreign students in the U.S to take online classes.

What memo says

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in a memo said, “Any New students who plan to take their classes entirely online and who were not enrolled as of March 9 will likely not be able to get visas”. The announcement primarily affects new students. Especially to those who plan to enroll at Universities for online classes entirely in the wake of the COVID -19 pandemic.

New guidelines: Will allow students who have visas

However, authorities have allowed International students who are returning from foreign countries and already have visas and who are in the U.S for online education. ICE clarified in its memo that the flexibility applies only to those students who were actively enrolled for online courses in the U.S as of March 9. Universities including Harvard University band the University of Southern California have already told first-year students could not return from foreign.

New guidelines: Harvard seeks congress to extend the guidance

Harvard officials said that they are asking Congress to extend the March guidance. They are asking for new foreign students but not anticipating any changes by the fall term. The new school said that new students can defer their enrollment and can take online classes from Abroad.

American council have been preparing

The American council of education, a group of University Presidents said that it disappointed them. Brad Farnsworth, vice president of the group said, “Due to fear, we have been preparing for this.”

The president’s alliance on Higher Education and Immigration a coalition of college leaders didn’t welcome it. They said that the decision on new foreign students disappointed them.

COVID 19 has already resulted in a sharp drop in the number of applicants from foreign countries. Also, the slowdown in the visa process has worsened the situation more. These decisions are going to adversely hit the already affected education sector.

Estimation by the American council

In 2018 – 19, U.S attracted around 11 million international students. The American Council on Education estimates that around 25,000 students plan to enroll at U.S universities.

Last month, U.S president Donald Trump had already suspended a number of work visas


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