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Ten Ways To Make Best Use Of Data-Pack During Lockdown

Use of Internet, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Use of Internet, Global Youth Voice,, gyvThe Lockdown : ‏It has been one month since India invoked lockdown in all the parts of the country to contain the spread of COVID-19. Companies issued work from home to their employee whose work domain suits that, Educational institutions are closed and only emergency services are active; Leaving majority of the population with a lot of time to spend. This free time is not going to last forever, thus we can use this to improve ourselves, work on our hobbies which anyhow we could not pursue due to some reasons.  Internet has brought the world closer and there are thousands of things to learn which are available on the Internet. Here are some things you can try to make optimum use of your Internet data pack:-
1.Live Classes –  Decided what hobby you want to pursue or what activity is suitable for you. There are plenty of websites such as Youtube, Udemy, Brilliant which offer live classes for a variety of subjects and hobbies. Be it art and culture, yoga classes and if you’re student lectures of the subject which you cannot understand properly earlier. You can find a wide range of topics with availability of live classes from plenty of well-reviewed instructors.
2. Blogging – You got some skills which you want to show to the world or just want to express your opinions to the world and have not done it earlier due to busy schedule or any other reason. You can start your new blog and give it a go. This will help you utilize your time in a productive way and also help you explore a different part of yourself. Who knows what secret ability of yours are you still unacknowledged with, and blogging helps you find that.
Use of Internet, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Use of Internet in Cyber Cafe
3.Social Media – Social media can be another way to present yourself to the world. Though it has it negative aspect, let us focus on the positive side for now, because who loves to spend every day with zero productivity. Social media has a great power to change the personality of any one and make someone known to the world. If you’re good at cooking, then sharing recipe and tutorials can be fun or if you are into paintings, you can showcase your work to the world. If used properly social media can also help you pass the time in lockdown efficiently.
4.Online internship – Though all the industries are closed now but there are plenty of remote internships available as the workforce is low many online educators, media companies are looking for someone who can help them curate their courses or write an article for their online blog, news portal etc. You can earn some chunk of money in this gloomy period and it is better than sitting idle for hours.
5.Reading Novels–  If you love literary art or you are trying to find a hobby, reading books can be a quite good one for sure. You can try reading E-books which are available on the internet as the bookstores are closed and you cannot get your hands on a physical book. Reading will not only enhance your knowledge or expand your vocabulary. It can also help you become a better person. So choose your favourite genre, go to any E-book website and start reading those literary marvels and if reading long text is not your thing, there are audiobooks available too, get your earphones and your mobile and start exploring.
6.Listening to podcast– Want to learn from the best in the industry, you can try your hands on podcast which are available on wide range of topics from self-improvement, habit-building, money and finances, upcoming tech development or thoughts of many leaders about the future. Podcasts are there to serve you to quench your thirst of curiosity.
7.College Lectures– If your institute is providing online lectures then attending those can help you cover your syllabus and that’s going to help you secure good marks in your upcoming semester exams.
8.Watch Documentary– Netflix and chill, these words are quite common nowadays after introduction of video streaming services in India. There are plenty of movies, series available to kill your boredom but what’s better than watching informational documentaries. Documentaries are well documented report of any particular subject. Most of them are pleasing to watch and will kill your boredom and provide you with lot of information too.
9.Practice typing– Most of us nowadays have lot of work on computers and if you have lot of work which requires typing thousands of words, bad typing speed can take a major chunk of your time which you can use it for some other work. In this period, you can work on your typing skills and learn touch typing which is nothing but typing with the use of all 10 fingers. There are plenty of websites present on the world wide web which can help you learn this skill for free.
10.Learn to draw– As said by French Painter Edgar Degas-“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Art provide a way to express our emotions and in the meantime improves our creative thinking and builds patience. In this gloomy times when only we hear sad news everyday Art can help you express yourself and also keep you engaged in productive and pleasing activity.
You can try learning how to draw which will help you explore a different side of yours and because you are learning something, utilising you time on learning how to draw can be better than watching same rom-com everyday.
By Kritika Tiwary

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