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Your Voice Assistant May Know All Your Secrets!

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The development of technology and artificial intelligence has made the quote ‘Walls have ears too’ a living reality. Now we never really know who might be listening to us. Voice assistance is not only in our bedroom, car, office, home, and smartphones but also in our watches, earbuds, refrigerator, phones, and microwaves. They help us gain information just with our voices. It is nearly inescapable as all this information makes them vital to know the associated risks. We might think that no one is listening to us when we are alone talking about personal things with our voice assistants around. Even introverts feel free while talking to their Siri or Alexa.
Voice Assistant, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Voice Assistant
People are concerned now about their private lives and now don’t give out their email password easily, or use personal information while using public Wi-Fi. However, we still don’t have much idea about what kind of data voice assistants are collecting. Some privacy concerns should always keep us alert everywhere we go, even if one doesn’t own devices with voice assistants.
Voice assistants are omnipresent and nearly impossible to stay away from devices that record audio. It is important to know key points that can go wrong, in order to protect our privacy.
1. They can be hacked into, through third party apps or skills.
2. Anything said near the speaker at that time will be recorded without the user’s knowledge and sent to the developer.
3. In malicious cases, the device may prompt a user that an update is ready. In such cases, voice assistant needs user’s passwords and does not legitimately asks from the company.
4. Malicious voice apps need to be taken care of, because sometimes it abuses their smart speaker.
5. Early adopters of Voice assistant face challenges in terms of privacy, that we are not still hooked off.
6. Malware does not invade voice assistants like amazon echo or google assistant. But they do infect phones having voice capturing capacities and embedded voice assistants.
Voice Assistant, Global Youth Voice, gyv
It is not a great idea to have voice assistants in home, office or bed room. Companies are trying to implement privacy controls, but no one is perfect. Generally voice assistants send data to the server, once they hear wake word setup. To be able to do so, the device must always listen. Some things need to be taken care of, for our own safety:
1. Settings check- To keep a proper check, setting should be actively handled . Many times they do not allow turning off human reviews but it’s our take to get it done. This system helps companies to improve their services and develop new features. But in doing so, they collect data about our personal life.
2. Keep it out from your personal space- Companies are trying to sell their speakers as modern clocks and have gone even further in the past intending to get cameras in our bedrooms. Maybe for all of us, old fashioned clocks are best.
3. Platform check- some services are comparatively more amenable to privacy than others. After being exposed in media, companies offer users the ability to turnoff human review of voice recordings. Many have been slower to act upon it though.
One should get a look at how to delete transcripts, which can be known by just a google search. For those who are indecisive on whether to buy one and introduce it in their home, should consider the pros and cons as they offer us a technology ahead. Still the market has demanded more privacy options, which now includes slide covers for cameras, on voice assistants with a camera, or mute function on many google home smart speakers which is a great improvement in the market. Companies are also upgrading their software to make easier to understand the data we have forked and the process to delete if we desire.
Voice Assistant, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Atul saha, a student of masters in applied physics says, “We all know by recent events that AI voice assistants are leaking data, as they store data in the name of improvement, prediction and to be more productive”. He personally doesn’t believe that his data is safe with AI voice assistance as data leaking is not a rare occurring these days. Few days ago, he read an article where a man found that his MI phone was leaking data to china, and we all are surrounded by such devices. Lastly, he said that in this new generation of AI we all need to know how to keep a safe distance and be least dependent on voice assistants.
Sundar, a B.Ed. student stated, “These are generally complicated to deal with and can barely be kept out of our life. There are mot many solutions to these, but we should try to keep only those apps which we use. It will help us keep our data at minimum places.”

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