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Weather Instruments MCQ- ICSE Class 7 Geography

MCQ on Weather and Climate
Weather Instruments MCQ.
This is a practice set for Class 7 students of ICSE board, Geography chapter 4- Weather Instruments. MCQs have been prepared keeping in mind the entire chapter. Though in real examination there are different kinds of question, here all forms of questions are in form of MCQs for ease of taking a self test. This MCQ is timer based and should be submitted within 30 mins. Students can take the self test multiple times. They can see the correct and incorrect answers after submitting the responses.

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ICSE Class 7 Geography Ch 4 Weather Instruments

1. Name the Instrument used to measure the humidity in air.
2. Aneroid barometer is more accurateState True or False
3. The unit to measure rainfall.
4. What is commonly found inside a thermometer?Alcohol (Ethanol) is a preferred liquid for weather thermometers as it has a low freezing point and thus can measure temperature as low as -70 degree Celsius.
5. Which scale is used in India to measure air temperature.
6. Mercury Baromters are handy and portable.State True or False
7. A dry bulb thermometer records a temperature ___________ than the wet bulb thermometer.
8. This instrument measures wind speed.
9. The actual amount of rainwater collected during a day is measured using.
10. Meteorologists are the scientists who study_______ .
11. Stevenson screen is used to place the thermometers. Chose the correct reason.
12. The lines joining places on a map, having the same amount of rainfall are known as ________
13. Isobars are the lines joining places having the same ________.
14. Instrument used to measure rainfall at a given place.
15. What is the unit to measure wind speed.
16. Name the two most commonly used thermometer scales.
17. An automatic barometer is called a _______ .
18. The unit for measuring atmospheric pressure.
19. The department under Central Government in India that monitors weather and climate.
20. Name the instrument used to find direction of wind.

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