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World’s Youngest CEO, Suhas Gopinath

World's Youngest CEO, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Very few dare to find their passion and follow their dreams at a young age. The age where many children could not even figure out what they want to become, Suhas had laid the foundation of his company. Today, in our “Young Achievers” section, we are talking about the super inspirational story of Suhas Gopinath. In 2020, the youngest CEO owns a net worth of $49 million. He is 33 years old now.

World's Youngest CEO, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Suhas Gopinath : World’s Youngest CEO

How It Started

Gopinath comes from Bangalore where his father works as a Defence scientist and mother is a homemaker. At the age of 14, his friends used to tease him because he didn’t have a personal computer. The incident made Gopinath decide that one day he will prove to the world. He started spending his meagre pocket money of Rs 15 per month on internet cafe but the investment was not enough to sustain his explorations. So, he made a deal with the cafe owner to look after his shop in his absence and that probably was his first entrepreneurial negotiation. He used to spend hours on grabbing the knowledge about World Wide Web.

With all the knowledge and skills gathered, Suhas laid foundation of his company Globals Inc. just at the age of 14. The company was a kind of Solutions Company where the focus was on providing innovative solutions on cloud and mobile applications. The enterprise also looked after product development services for industries including government, education, media, etc.

Shortcomings faced by Suhas in setting up

Establishing an enterprise at such an early age was indeed an achievement for Suhas but business people didn’t take it the same way. No one was ready to invest in his business considering him a naive and gullible teenager. In fact, he found it tough to run a business along with maintaining clients. Talking about his early days, Suhas says “People never took me seriously. Even my clients or bureaucrats used to tell me they wanted to meet my dad for project discussions. And honestly, my dad had no clue what I was working on.” Suhas faced problems while hiring people, to the extreme. He never gave heed to legal agreements which ultimately led him towards trust betrayals and payment failures. However, gradually he started taking up small projects first for building up his portfolio.

The Ultimate Success Story

Gopinath’s project, “” made him become the World’s youngest certified professional web developer at the age of 14. His ability of work commitment and working with clients across the world outshone the talent he possessed. His brainchild venture, Globals Inc. operates in 14 countries, at present. It also got featured in a London based newspaper as one of the World’s fastest growing tech companies. Gopinath has received many accolades including Karnataka’s Rajyotsava award and ‘Young achiever’ award at the European Parliament. World Economic Forum also conferred him the ‘Young Global Leader for 2008-09. International media firms like BBC and Washington Times ranked him in the World’s youngest CEO list when he was only 17.

Suhas Gopinath is a true example of how hard work and perseverance with right attitude can lead you to success. Age does not matter, your work with determination matters.



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