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Yoga for toddlers and preschoolers

Yoga for toddlers, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Yoga for toddlers sounds inappropriate. But if I say that toddlers are already doing asanas! You may ask, How? Yes ..they continuously channelising their energy in proper direction..
You may have seen small kids continuously playing by throwing their hands and legs. Concentrating on fan or some toy over their cradle. Trying to come on supine position what we call bhujang asana by lifting their head up. In these ways and many more other postures they do yogasana involuntarily. But during oil massage moms should do some easy stretching to the kids.

Technique of massage for a toddler

Massage is very important for a kid. It produces seretonin hormones which reduces stress and baby feels comfortable enough to sleep peacefully. It can reduce irritation . Improve blood circulation of body. Improve neurological functions. Very important for bonding.


Massage should start from legs and then it should go up towards belly chest back and head. Massage should not start from head.
Massage should be in circular motion near belly button. It should be very soft. In backbone, it should be outward and soft. In hands and legs you should wrap your palm around his leg or hand and massage softly. After massage lift the legs up and slowly touch to chest . Stretch slowly. Same way for hands stretch and touch to legs. During massage press the thumb and big toe slowly. Massage is good before bath and night before sleep.


Yoga for Pre-school kids

Mantra…Om chanting

The sound and vibrations produced during om chanting has miraculous effect on the nervous system of a kid. Concentration level improves and the child becomes mindful of whatever he is doing.
Higher performance levels in studies. Nervous system activated due to the vibrations of chanting. This works on emotional level, controls anger, develops patience, compassion and tolerance level. Improves cognitive brain development and improve mindful learning.


Deep breathing and controlled sound of om.
Timing ..morning before breakfast.


Fold your legs and sit on your heels. Normal breathing. Eyes closed. Sit for 15 to 30 seconds . Backbone straight.

Yoga For Toddlers, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Improves digestion. Blood circulation more towards brain as leg side less blood flowing. So improve concentration.


Stand by keeping both legs apart. Breathe in and try to touch big toe by one hand and another hand up . Try to look at upper hand.

Yoga for toddlers, Global Youth Voice, gyv

Improves blood circulation. Stretching improves  height. Good for memory.


Stand by joining both legs . Cross the fingers and clasp hand . Put hands on head . Lift hands up by breathing in and stretching.
Improves height. Reduce tiredness.


Breath in . Close eyes and ears make sounds of a bhramar (bee) . Repeat for 5 times. It is very good for brain. Improves concentration.

Hakar kriya

Keep both hands on stomach. Breath in and make sound ha ha ha ha. It improves digestion.


Ask your kid to lie down with closed eyes and play some good soothing music. Without shavasana the benefits of other asana get reduced so shavasana is very important..

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In my NEXT article i will discuss the problems of school age kids.


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