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Yoga for toddlers

Yoga for Toddlers, Global Youth Voice, gyv

I am Dr Sumita Mukherjee and today am writing something related to yoga for toddlers. You may think that ‘toddlers’ means one month to 3 years of age. How could they do yoga?
But in my previous note I mentioned that yoga is there in every moment of life. It’s just that you have to tune the tremendous energy of a being to correct path. And it will become yoga.

Yoga For Toddlers, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Yoga For Toddlers

Problems parents face with toddlers

Behavioural problems
Sleep time difference from parents
Delayed development
Speech problem
Delayed walking
Motor problem

Today I am talking these problems.

Behavioural problems and yoga

Behavioural problems include crying, screaming biting, not listening elders etc. Other than these some serious issues may persist like:-

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders

Oppositional defiant disorders

Learning disabilities


Inappropriate actions or emotions under normal circumstances.
Learning difficulties that are not caused by another health factor.
Difficulty with interpersonal relationships, including relationships with teachers and peers.
A general feeling of unhappiness or depression.
Feelings of fear and anxiety related to personal or school matters.


Unhealthy environment
Accumulation of stress due to fighting of parents
Disturbed daily routine

How can yoga help

Toddlers are very young to understand mindfulness. So to deal with them every thing should be playful.

Dance is a very good meditation. Kids can get all benefits of meditation by music and dance.
Music and dance can improve motor ability too
Drawing and painting can be very good meditation for those who have interest in it. Parents have to search their interest and then they could help them.
Few easy asana, pranayam and mudras can also help in learning disabilities and all these problems.

1.Simply sitting quietly with some mantra chanting music.
2. Vajrasana
3. Trikonasana.
4 Tadasana
5 Vriksaana
6. Om chanting
7 Bhramari
8. Deep breathing
9. Hakar kriya
10. Lie down with soothing music.


Pressure on thumb and palm for brain and thyroid


Healthy diet and plenty of fluids and milk.

Attitude of parents towards kids

This is very important that parents should give time to them. Parents should make all activities a game. Stress is very harmful so avoid stress. 

In my next blog I will write about how to do these asanas and pranayam.
Thank you


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