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Yogic Mudra- Kaki: Key to concentration

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We often find it very difficult to control kids. By controlling I simply mean to say that’s most parents are unaware how to channelize the immense energy flowing in their little ones. Because of this enormous energy present in the psychosomatic body kids face the challenge of concentrating on any particular thing including studies. Their mind fluctuates frequently. To control the waves of mind KAKI MUDRA is very helpful.

How to perform kaki Mudra

Yogic Mudra, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Kaki Mudra

Sit in vajrasana. Place both palms on thighs. Make the lips like crow beak. It should be like whistle blowing position. Breathe in through mouth. Hold the breath as much as it is comfortable. Feel the energy that is created around cheeks and mouth. Then exhale the breath forcefully through lips . Close eyes and feel the energy. Repeat the process 5 to 6 times.


Kaki mudra cools the body. Removes excess heat and bile.

Purifies the blood. Helps to maintain conscious control over nervous system, glossopharyngeal and larengeal complex.

Because of newfound control over the nervous system any practitioner involuntarily learns the art and science of controlling brain waves. This mudra helps very much to concentrate in anything and everything. When it comes to studies the mind is already trained to focus on a particular thing, be it studies. It improves memory.

This yogic mudra is of great help in resolving speech problems or stammering.

Kids those who are unable to speak after the suitable age too can practice this mudra.
It can help in addressing drooling problem also.

It strengthens the nasal passage so it helps during cold and cough by triggering de-alignment of nose wall. Strengthens respiratory system. So kids can get rid of cold and cough frequently.

Helpful in asthma
One can get glowing skin by practice of this mudra.

This yogic mudra is very helpful to keep thyroid and parathyroid healthy.

In my next article I will discuss about a pranayam named pranava pranayama which is very good for memory and concentration.


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