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Young Activists of India are saving Environment

Young Activists of India, Global Youth Voice, gyv

United Nation Climate Action Summit 2019 witnessed one bold and eye-opening speech on “Climate Change.” What shocked everyone was that the speaker was a little girl. Greta Thunberg, when she exclaimed “how dare you”, the crowd went silent and realized their carelessness towards the environment. The speech received global appreciation and there emerged a wave of climate protection all over the world. Many young activists of India came forward after watching Greta’s speech concerning the environment while many had already started working for it. Thankfully, today’s generation is aware and are even taking the initiative to tackle the issue. In fact, India has some young bright activists who are inspiring not only their countrymen but the whole world to fight for the planet. Let’s have a gander:

Licypriya Kangujam

Young Activists of India, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Licypriya Kangujam: One of the Young Activists of India

She is an 8-year-old girl from Manipur who is a climate activist. She campaigns for actions to tackle climate change in India since 2018. In 2019, Kangujam dropped out of school to protest in front of Parliament House, New Delhi. The idea was to draw Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attention towards passing a ‘climate law’ in India. She has also constantly raised her voice for new laws which can address the concern of poor air quality across the country. Licypriya wants schools to include the ‘Climate change’ chapters compulsorily in the syllabus.

Meanwhile, when she addressed the COP25 Climate Summit in Madrid, Spain in December 2019, she received global recognition as a Climate change activist. In total, she has spoken in 21 countries on the issue. She also earned many prestigious accolades such as Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Children Award, a World Children Peace Prize and an Indian Peace Prize. She is also known as “Founder of the Child Movement.”

Aditya Mukarji

Aditya started his campaign in 2018 where he asked people to stop using plastic straws in cafes and restaurants. He convinced them to use eco-friendly alternatives instead. Actually, Aditya saw video of two veterinarians trying to remove a plastic straw from turtle’s nose. The video made a deep impact on the child’s mind and thereafter he launched his campaign. Aditya is a volunteer at NGO Chintan and with the help of NGO members, he has eliminated around 25 million plastic straws. In his effort to make zero plastic waste, he is removing other single-use plastics as well from the ecosystem.

Recently, during COVID times, Aditya tweeted “India’s skies are blue! But do we need a pandemic to learn? It’s every citizen’s right to clean air- thus our demand for AQI 60.” He believes people listen more to children on environmental matters. He was a guest at the UN Youth Climate Action Summit in 2019 due to his precious campaigns against usage of plastic, forest conservation and climate strikes. He was a part of the Climate Change march too, organized by Greta Thunberg.

Ridhima Pandey

Ridhima was among those 16 young activists who filed a complaint at the United Nations to protest a lack of government action on climate change. She hails from Uttarakhand and when she saw her devastated state in 2013 massive flood taking away hundreds of lives, she began thinking for the climate. She filed a petition in 2017 in National Green Tribunal against government to take action for climate change. And the petition made her recognised across the world.

The Petition read, ” India is one of the most vulnerable countries to be affected by climate change.” She wanted immediate government action to assess industrial projects, prepare a carbon budget and create a climate recovery plan. She works on the mission “save future.”

Kudos to these young warriors. May their efforts bring the change we all need to sustain in our country and the world. The planet earth then would be a better place to live in.



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