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Parent Accidentally Walks in Naked During Zoom Class

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Zoom and other online platforms are acting as the next best options since the lockdown for educational and work purposes. Time and again though, security related concerns have risen. Recently, during an online class, a parent accidentally flashed herself oblivious to the fact that the camera was on. In a 14 second video which has gone viral since, the child is seen pointing out towards the mother. His teacher reacted shouting, “Oh my God, who is that back there naked? Turn your camera off”. Upon realizing what had happened, the woman rushed out of the camera frame.

Zoom, Global Youth Voice, gyv
Zoom: Online Platform for meetings

Netizens React

The video since posted, has already been viewed more than 6 million times. It is also being retweeted since it caught the internet’s attention. So far, it has been retweeted more over 1.3 lakh times. Netizens have varying opinions and reactions to the video. In the video, a kid can also be seen sleeping, all during an online class. A Twitter user pointed that the kid didn’t even flinch despite what unfolded during the call. While there were funny reactions from most, some called the incident unfortunate and some even took offence at the accident.

Users call for abolition of online classes

Twitter and internet users are demanding an abolition of online classes since the video went viral. Some had lesser extreme reactions and were of the opinion that Zoom should introduce features to evade such incidents from happening. A twitterati suggested, “Zoom needs to add a feature where the camera just focuses on the person and fades the background out”.

Blast from the past

This however is not the first time online classes or sessions were witness to something scandalous or controversial. Earlier, an Indian High court judge was caught smoking hookah on camera. Recently, Alan Smith, former leader of the Labour Administration in Allerdale, Cumbria, UK called Mayor Hillary Harrington a ‘daft cow’ during an online meeting. Smith had not realized that his microphone was not muted and ended up embarrassing himself.



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